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Confidential Client

Project Overview

Global Workforce eLearning Course

This professional services client, who asks all of its designers to remain confidential, has a global workforce and wanted to help client-facing teams collaborate better together to achieve greater harmony, diversity and inclusion, and work/life balance. Taking over for another instructional designer, I moved this project through design and rapid development in Articulate Storyline 360. The course includes scenario-based interactions to help learners apply best practices to real-world scenarios they face.

Image by LinkedIn Sales Solutions


Iterative Development Process

Per the client's request, I moved from a high-level design into development. We shared an early draft of the course with several reviewers, including business leaders and legal, and implemented their feedback before adding professional narration and final images. This saved time and expense since we finalized content and instruction before engaging voice talent and graphic designers, so additional recordings and visual iterations were not necessary.


Design & Development

Articulate Storyline 360 Course

I developed the course using Articulate Storyline 360. It includes four realistic scenarios that the learning audience faces in their work. The interaction presents the learner with a scenario and three options. Based on their selections, they receive feedback that outlines the outcome, correct action and feedback. Shown here is a screenshot with one scenario, where the learner selected Option 2 and is now reviewing the outcome of their decision.

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