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Project Overview

Learning Transformation

SunRun is a solar company that recently acquired Vivint Solar. In addition to navigating this merger, the company is also confronting a labor shortage and higher-than-desired attrition rates. They engaged another colleague and I to conduct current and future state analysis with the ultimate goal of establishing a corporate university that could impact these factors (cohesion, attrition, labor shortage).

Image by Bill Mead


L&D Strategic Framework

To support GP Strategies' L&D Strategic Framework, we conducted three phases: Intake, Current State, and Desired State - each including surveys, interviews, focus groups, and alignment meetings with employees at all levels of the organization. We finished the project with an Analysis and Recommendations report, in which we shared the data and insights we discovered as well as our recommendations for next steps.



Findings & Recommendations

This report outlined project participants and activities, key themes from the data, and identified the specific areas of focus (from the L&D Strategic Framework) that SunRun should target moving forward. We characterized the current and future state, and outlined recommendations - including testing these recommendations in a top-priority learning need: a new onboarding program that meets the needs of all business units throughout the company.

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