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Project Overview

Window Tint & PPF Installer Training

I partnered with another consultant to conduct robust analysis around Eastman Performance Film's internal and customer learning needs, which became more tactical when the company decided to address the installer labor shortage that the automotive film industry is currently facing. From then on, I led a team of instructional designers to create and test two blended learning programs: a 4-week window film program and a 6-week PPF program.



Create, Test & Improve

The new programs created a significant shift in the company's (and the industry's) approach toward installer training. We used an iterative approach, allowing the client to "fail fast" and improve quickly. After a weeklong huddle with subject matter experts, I created the high-level design and then led a team of IDs to create eLearning courses, classroom/shop training, mentorship program materials, and final assessments.



Articulate Rise eLearning

The research and materials are not available per NDA requirements; however, shown here is a screenshot of an eLearning course that installers must complete before attending in-person training.

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