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Project Overview

Golf Course Operator eLearnings

As the sole designer on this project, I collaborated closely with the development team and the client to create four 45-minute eLearning courses for independent golf course operators who use the GolfNow app to drive business to their courses. The eLearning courses included Revenue Management, Communication Strategy, Phone Strategy, and Auto Pricing.

GolfNow Mockup 2.png


Waterfall Process (ADDIE)

We designed and released one course at a time using a waterfall approach. I conducted analysis, created a high-level design, designed storyboards and scripts, and then collaborated with developers to ensure the eLearnings were mobile responsive. The client conducted alpha, beta and final reviews of all deliverables before the courses were launched.



Research Goals & Personas

For the Auto Pricing eLearning, I conducted research via interviews, focus groups and content analysis to trace the current onboarding journey for clients who use GolfNow's auto pricing tool, identify clients' auto pricing goals and challenges, and determine their learning and technology needs and constraints. Using this data, I crafted proto personas to help me remember my research findings.

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Course Outlines

Objectives, Content, Interactions

After conducting analysis, I wrote and presented a course outline that identified the course goals, learning objectives, topics, content sources, and multimedia interactions to include in the eLearning. Shown here is an excerpt from one of these course outlines.

Screen Shot 2021-05-08 at 11.05.18

Storyboards & Scripts

Communicating with Developers

Once I achieved client signoff for the course outline, I gathered all necessary content via Subject Matter Expert interviews. Next, I communicated design specs to developers via storyboards and scripts. Shown here is a sample wireframe and storyboard table that details the audio narration, visuals, text, and multimedia interactions to include in the eLearning.

Screen Shot 2021-05-08 at 11.05.22

Development & Testing

Mobile-Responsive Designs

The developers, QA Manager, and I worked closely to ensure the eLearnings met client and project-specific requirements, which included offering a mobile-responsive design so learners could complete the courses on devices of their choice. We tested and refined the designs prior to each course launch.

GolfNow Mockup.png
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