Product Designer with UX & Learning Expertise

As a multi-faceted designer, I blend UX and instructional design methods to deliver products that please and perform. With 15+ years experience, I am always up for a challenge and am excited to work with strong, successful teams.

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Jeein Ahn, Choice Hotels

I work with many designers – and Crystal, when it comes to innovative, performance-driven solutions, is one of the best I’ve personally worked with. I had the pleasure of working with Crystal on a high-profile project. And Crystal played a critical role in ensuring we developed one-of-a-kind, results-driven, and highly engaging training program. [She has] thoughtful listening skills, effective communication skills, and learner-centric mindset. Most of all, Crystal is delightful to work with!

Seth Pollack, GMG

Crystal is one of the most talented, diligent and competent people I've EVER worked with. She combines creativity with productivity in ways you rarely see. Project Managers would fight to have Crystal on their team and we eventually had to restructure her role so we could better give her positive impact the widest possible reach. Regardless of situation, Crystal is without doubt someone you want on your side.

Leah Simons, UX Mentor

Crystal is an outstanding designer with a strong intuition for crafting novel experiences. She really dedicated her time and finished ahead of schedule with flying colors. Excellent at receiving feedback and iterating designs and researching and presenting insightful findings. 



UWorld's B2B Platform

As UWorld's first UX designer, I completed all phases of the design thinking process - from user research, personas and user stories to wireframes, information architecture and testing - and passed all major feature designs through executive committee reviews. Initial designs were built and tested with five high school districts in Texas via an early adopter program. Then, I modified the designs to meet the needs of other company verticals (e.g. medical, nursing, pharmacy, legal and accounting). 

Tools used: Lucidchart, Sketch, Invision, Confluence, Jira


Below are a few samples from this project.



Design Lead


  • Mobile responsive e-learning for golf course operators who use the GolfNow app

  • E-learning program design

  • Storyboards, scripts, content, interaction design, etc.

Choice Hotels

Design Lead


  • Rewards program e-learning in multiple languages for a global employee audience

  • E-learning program design

  • Storyboards, scripts, content, interaction design, etc.


Senior Designer


  • Convert F2F program to mobile responsive e-learning

  • E-learning program design

  • Storyboards, scripts, content, interaction design, etc.

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